Trumpy Pushes for “Regional Relaxation” Soon to Save His November Re-election


VP Pence, AG Barr and Dr. Birx, Coordinator of the WH Task Force, Flank Trumpy at an Early Evening Press Conference Today

A “So-Called War Time President Who Refuses to Use the Powers at His Disposal To Fight it! (The Cover of The New Yorker Magazine, March 9, 2020.)

Trump as the Rat King from The Nutcracker by Jon Luoma, Formerly of the defunct MAINE TIMES. Prints are available at the Gulf of Maine Bookstore, Maine Street, Brunswick, for a Pittance!

Shamefully preoccupied with the fact that his November re-election is dependent on a strong economy, President Trumpy said that he supports a “reopening” of the country as early as next week, which is a switch from previous statements in which he said the lock down could very well continue into the summer.

Watching powerlessly as the stock market continues to nose dive and his re-election chances with it, the anti-science Trumpy said that “doctors want to keep the world shut down for years.  We can’t do that,” as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s expert on viruses was notably absent from a press conference early this evening.  Dr. Fauci was critical of Trumpy over the weekend and allegedly also said he had better things to do than to stand behind Trumpy at a press conference.

Uh Oh!  Maybe AG William Barr, who attended the press conference, will be replacing Dr. Fauci as Director of the FDA. Don’t forget to inhale slowly and then exhale slowly – very slowly. Repeat until breathing returns to normal.

Among other misleading information presented by Trumpy, he stated that the doctors had no issues with a regional relaxation coming sooner rather than later. This is the Trumpy who said the COVID-19 was a hoax of the Democrats promoted to undermine his re-election – he doesn’t need any help from the Democrats.  Trumpy undermines himself.

Trumpy has also been agitated according to news reports because the lockdown of the country has prevented him from campaigning at rallies across the country.  With the policy of “social distancing” in place, his campaign rallies have come to a halt.  When mass gatherings are permitted again, he can rekindle his incendiary rallies.

At a Covid-19 Task Force press conference over the weekend, Trumpy wandered from the virus and rambled on ad nauseum about the many billions it cost him to become president.  Trumpy said, unlike George Washington before him, he has been unable to make any money while president.  But he said he is no longer interested in making money.  He just wants to be our president.

“We will open up our country very soon. Can’t keep it closed for years.  We have jobs and suicides happening,” he said.  And campaign rallies?

“Loose lips sink ships” was a warning from World War 11 that perhaps this self-described war time president should heed.