Trumpy Lashes Out as Criticism of His Coronavirus Management Mounts; Mills’ Position


Shut Up Trumpy. You Are Not King of the United States! (The Cover of The New Yorker Magazine, March 9, 2020.)

Don’t Forget Trumpy:  We Still Need Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer is Hard to Find!

Criticism by  The New York Times over the weekend reporting his slow response time despite warnings,   contributed to the anger of Trumpy who came out swinging at the so-called coronavirus daily briefing that ended early this evening.  Additionally, last night Dr. Anthony Fauci told Jake Tapper of CNN that had the mitigation of the coronavirus started earlier this year than it did, more lives would have been saved.  That was the straw that broke Trumpy’s back hours ago.

The thin-skinned Trumpy lashed out at the Times, calling it a fake newspaper. Dr. Fauci, the government’s expert on infectious diseases, was forced to retract his comment and replace it with flattering statements about Trumpy’s leadership during this pandemic.  It was less of a coronavirus briefing and more of an opportunity for Trumpy to defend himself and attack those who question him.

“The authority of the President of the United States on this subject is total,” Trumpy said –  a statement that astonished anyone who has read our constitution and sees no reference to a monarch in it.  Trumpy has been telling the nation’s Governors that he, and he alone, will determine when the country is open for business and how that will happen. “We need to open up the country.  People need to go back to work,” he repeats.  Critics agree, but it needs to be done in a safe way that will not bring on a second wave of this deadly virus.  So far, Trumpy has no plan on how to reopen the country, although one administration official said at the briefing they are working “very hard to develop a plan to reopen.”  Like the health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act?

The news that Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) New York is chairing a task force of northeastern states who have banded together to decide how and when the reopening of their states will occur, counters Trumpy’s base needs for control and not to be upstaged by anyone.

Governor Janet Mills is not “currently a part of Governor Cuomo’s regional effort.  Maine will be able to have a healthy economy when we have a healthy workforce and we have defeated this deadly virus.  The Governor’s judgment about the timing of decisions related to the recovery will be informed by the Maine CDC, her Coronavirus Response Team and economic leaders in the state,” was a statement issued by her office late this afternoon. “She is certainly open to regional coordination among fellow New England states and will evaluate that possibility,” the statement concluded.

Meanwhile, Trumpy’s poll numbers are in a steep decline for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic according to Morning Consult, a polling company – calling his numbers “underwater.”  He might not get re-elected like Senator Susan Collins?  Oh joy!