Trumpy Defiles Presidential Tradition at First Debate


Trumpy with Former VP Joe Biden at First Presidential Debate Last Night in Ohio.

Trumpy’s Struggle to Stay Afloat During the Pandemic was the Subject of ab August 2020 Cover of a TIME Magazine Last Month.

“Disgraceful and shit-show” were just two of the adjectives used to describe Trumpy’s performance last night in his first presidential debate with former Vice-President and Democratic candidate for President Joe Biden.  “Hot mess” and “horrific,” were others heard by television commentators to describing the embarrassing event that Russia’s Putin must have found entertaining.

The debate was so horrific that the only words that came to this blogger were “defiling” – defiling one more institution that millions of voters count on to compare and contrast the candidates.  Filthy is what it was and this blogger almost envies the many who did not tune in to watch the defiling of one more of voters traditions.

Trumpy has defiled our constitution, our institutions and all that is intended to provide protections to all of us.

Everything that Trumpy touches turns to filth and dirt.  We can do much better than this – and we will with the Biden-Harris ticket in office next year.

Bye Bye Donald.  This blogger can’t resist noting that many years ago when a legal secretary at a highly-regarded law firm in Washington, D.C.  she had an interesting experience with Chris Wallace, moderator of the first presidential debate last night.  As a legal secretary to an attorney, she was asked to witness and sign the will signing of Chris Wallace.  There were three of us serving in that capacity.