Trumpy Criticized for Lack of Leadership at Press Conference Today


Dr. Stephen Hahn, Commissioner of the  FDA at Press Conference, Today.

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The anti-science Trumpy gave an overly optimistic rundown of drugs all ready in use for other conditions that he believed could be used for therapies for the COVID-19 pandemic across the US to be available immediately.  Pushing back on Trumpy’s prediction was Dr. Stephen Hahn, Commissioner of the FDA:  Chloroquine is not ready for use as a treatment for COVID-19, Trumpy.

Perhaps Trumpy thinks this misleading information will stop the hemorraging of the stock market – in time for his re-election in November.

“We might have the right drug, but the wrong dosage,” said Dr. Hahn, clarifying Trumpy’s  misleading statement.  He stated that approving therapies used for other approved uses, could take 3 – 6 months.  The trial period for a vaccine to be used for COVID-19 is twelve months he added.

When asked about the shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Trumpy responded that it was up to the Governors to supply it.  “We are not a shipping unit,” he responded.  This failure of the Trumpy administration puts medical professionals at risk of contracting the virus – further overwhelming hospitals across the country.

At the press conference, Trumpy was asked about the shortage of masks for medical professionals.  He side-stepped the question referring it to Vice President Pence to answer.  Trumpy calls himself a  “war-time president”, but refuses to take responsibility for his failure to adequately supply states – such as Maine – with PPE. Trumpy is no Churchill, Lincoln or Roosevelt. I know because I knew them all.

Trumpy has refused to utilize the Defense Production Act which would permit him to call on private industry to produce face masks.  According to one knowledgeable source 3.5 billion face masks are needed.

Please see previous post herein regarding Governor Mills’ Request for more Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from the Federal Government.