Trumpy Coming to Maine? Say It Isn’t So


Protesters of the Killing of George Floyd by a Former Police Officer n Front of City Hall Yesterday Afternoon.

There are social media reports that Trumpy may be coming to Guilford, Maine on Friday of this week.  His plan to come here is reportedly to visit Puritan Medical Products, a manufacturer of COVID-19 testing materials, including swabs.  What has Maine done to get this visitor from hell?i

The subject came up at the daily briefing of the Maine CDC with Dr. Nirav Shah officiating, although he had nothing to add on the subject. He announced an increase of cases of COVID-19 or twenty-four cases.

Dr. Shah announced that fifteen cases of the feared virus have been reported at the City of Portland’s Family Shelter.  Four cases have been reported at the Barron Center and five cases at Milestone Recovery, India Street he added.

With Portland protesters in mind, Dr. Shah advised that if physical distancing is not possible, be certain to wear face coverings to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19.  Although he did not comment, these huge protests would certainly seem to be incubators for the virus.