Trump Reverses Himself in Coronavirus Death Predictions


A “So-Called War Time President Who Refuses to Use the Powers at His Disposal To Fight it! (The Cover of The New Yorker Magazine, March 9, 2020.)

President Trumpy today admitted that there could be as many as 100,000 deaths in the US alone from COVID-19 and if that is all the lives that are lost, the US “will be doing a very good job” in containing the spread of the contagious virus. That figure is more consistent with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s prediction on television this morning that it’s possible between 100,000 and 200,000 lives could be lost – than some of Trumpy’s earlier predictions.  He also extended his social distancing guidelines through  April 30th.

Earlier this year, he called the predicted pandemic a “hoax” created by the Democrats to undermine his re-election campaign.  Since Democrats were unsuccessful in getting him removed from office because of the the US Senate’s support for him, the creation of the coronavirus “hoax” was a follow-up effort to accomplish that. Trumpy  also said that the situation was well under control and very soon there would be no new cases of the coronavirus reported.

In mid-January US intelligence agencies raised red flags about the preparedness of the US for such a catistrophic event according to Frank Figliuzzi, formerly of the FBI. , on television this evening.  A pandemic playbook was developed but its presentation to the White House was overruled by it.  Trumpy has ignored the warnings of his intelligence agencies repeatedly and has shown nothing but “disdain” for them.  For example, he famously ignored the evidence put forth that Russia had hacked the American election in 2016 to support his election over that of former Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton.

Disregarding the US intelligence community, Trumpy said he believed Putin’s denial because he didn’t know why Russia would do such a thing on his behalf.

Critics of Trumpy predicted that his disdain for the US Intelligence agencies would catch up to him.  Here we are.