Trump Calls for Sanctions on Iran, But Still Doesn’t Answer WHY NOW?


Tyrannical Trump is his Much Anticipated Address to the World Today.

Sound Familiar? What Goes Round Comes Round!

Borrowed From “Americans Against Republicans” on-line.

In a brief speech to the world, Tyrannical Trump called for more economic sanctions against Iran rather than any military action in the near future.  This was a  sharp shift from his bellicose rhetoric that would have escalated the conflict to a more serious place – possibly World War 111.

Trump emphasized past crimes of the late Iranian leader by reciting them – a legacy with which no one in the free world would disagree.  For example, under his leadership Iran has been a leading sponsor of terrorism including the recent attacks on the US embassy in Iraq that Soleimani approved.

But, the question for this blogger remains:  Why now?  Was this a distraction from the upcoming  Senate trial?  Tyrannical Trump did not provide evidence today as many have called for – evidence that his administration bragged about that the Iranian leader intended an “imminent” and devastating attack on Americans.  Was New York City or Washington, D.C. the intended target of Soleimani’s “imminent” attack?

He’s a master at creating a diversion to distract attention and then backing down to make The Donald look like a hero.  He’s really a crook.

He set the stage for this drama when he withdrew the US from the Iranian Nuclear Deal – blaming of course former President Obama – his second favorite target.  He knew full well as did everyone else that he was giving Iran the freedom it wanted and he would find a way to catch the country and create another rabbit hole for the world to scurry down.  More recently, Trump said:  “I don’t want a war with Iran.”  No, he just wanted a diversionary tactic from his upcoming Senate trial.

Where’s the evidence?” There is no “evidence.”  It only exists in Trump’s sick, twisted head.  What is dangerous as well is that some of his Followers will believe his latest stunt.

“Lier, lier, pants on fire.”