New Year’s Day Tradition at “Katie Made Bakery” Delights


Children Traditionally Sled Down the Eastern Prom Hill After a Storm; Not Me!

Governor Janet T. Mills (Middle) With Members of her  Administration Hiking on the Summit of  Bradbury Mountain on New Year’s Day as Part of a Nationwide Initiative.  The Governor is Flanked by Commissioners Beal & Caruso, of her Administration.

Even the Dogs at the Valley Street Dog Park (and Their Owners) Played in the Brilliant & Warming Sunshine Following the Snow Storm on New Year’s Day.

For a few years now, the special Katie Made Bakery, 181 Congress Street, on Munjoy HIll has been open on New Years Day morning. It’s a  tradition that accommodates those looking for  brunch to keep the celebration of the New Year going and maybe getting over it! It’s hard to do all that when there are no other “eateries” on the Hill open on New Year’s Day.

Jennifer, a co-owner of Katie Made Bakery, creates the best breakfast sandwiches this blogger has ever eaten.  Sitting at one of the tables, this blogger had an opportunity to catch up on the news missed from the last several days while eating one of Jennifer’s creations.

Governor Janet T. Mills, 71,  and members of her administration rang in the New Year by hiking Bradbury Mountain, according to a press release issued by her office.  The hike was part of the nationwide “First Day Hike” initiative and on the eve of her inauguration as the first women Governor of Maine.

The First Day Hike is an annual event conducted in partnership with the National Association of America’s State Parks that focuses on encouraging people to explore the outdoors and to live healthy lives.  Last year alone, the event inspired nearly 55,000 people nationwide to collectively walk more than 133,000 miles on guided hikes that also included snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on New Year’s Day.  The Mountain was acquired from the federal government in 1939, becoming one of the state’s original parks according to the press release from the Governor’s office.

Since her first day on the job, the Governor has ushered in a new and exciting direction – not only policy wise, but in a breath of fresh air, including civility toward all . Hail to the Chief!

Back at Katie Made Bakery, the next course for this blogger’s brunch was a fantastic mixed berry slice of pie.  Katie, the founder of the business and co-owner with her sister, is creates the pies, cakes and cookies that most need no introduction to.  Katie’s reputation is well-known.

“Oh, Katie!  Will you please add whip cream to the pie and  a dash of ice cream on the side?  There isn’t any?  I’ll bring it next year!”

Please read post herein dated November 15,2012 for more background information on the fabulous “Katie Made Bakery.”  Please read post dated January 2, 2019 for more background on the Inauguration of Governor Janet T. Mills in Augusta.