Promoter Wins Approval from City for E. Prom Concert Next August, Specs Coming


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,202)

The City Council unanimously approved an order authorizing Townsquare Media to work with the City to bring “A Music Festival” to the Eastern Promenade on Munjoy Hilll  next August.  The date of the August concert and the band are details that now will be worked out and agreed to by both parties – since the City Council approved it.

Councilor John Hinck said he supports the event, but “the choice of an artist is critical because  the crowd it draws is important.”

Numerous details are yet to be worked out, but Andrew J. Downs, Director, Public Assembly Facilities Division,  said there is plenty of time to do that, unlike when the Mumford & Sons were in the same place two years ago.  Downs told the Council that there will be a council fee which is being negotiated and will be a per ticket charge.   This concert will also be smaller than Munford & Sons was two years ago.  That attracted over 15,000 people and this one is expected to attract about half of that number. Following the Council meeting, Brian E.Lang, Market Manager for Townsquare Media said he would begin looking tomorrow for the concert band.  Also, he said that his company would  utilize local food vendors.

Dan Haley, an Eastern Promenade resident, told the City Council that he supported the concert idea.  “My day was not interrupted by Mumford concert.  It’s a great way to fly the city’s flag.”

On another matter, the council also unanimously authorized referring the India Street Sustainable Neighborhood Plan to three committees for their recommendations.  The Committees are the Housing & Community Development Committee, the Planning Board and the Historic Preservation Board.  Mayor Brennan said the only testimony for the evening was to be directed to the referral, but not the text of the Plan.  There would be time for that at a later date.  However, Brandon Mazer, attorney for Shipyard Brewing Co. at 86 Newbury Street said he was opposed to the plan.  Ed MacColl, attorney for Simba, objected to the planning process because his client was left out of the process. Councilors Kevin Donoghue and professor Richard Barringer were co-chairs of the Committee.

editor’s note: took photos, but is having difficulty (again) posting them!