Thousands Protest Trump’s Immigration Policies at City Hall


Thousands Protest Trump Immigration Policies at City Hall This Afternoon.  (In the back left is the Press Hotel.)

The Sign Says it All!

Beth Stickney, ? from the ACLU, Tea Chong and City Councilor Pious Ali Today at Protest.  They Were All  Great Speakers Who Succeeded in Engaging the Crowd Beyond Expectations!

This Sign at City Hall is a Reference to the First Lady’s Jacket With a Questionable Message on the Back When She Recently Visited a Detention Center.

State Reps. Shenna Bellows and Ben Chipman at Today’s Protest.

Thousands jammed city hall plaza this afternoon to protest the immigration policies that sadistic Trump is implementing on the southern border of this country.

Speaker after speaker inspired the crowd with their words and urged everyone to vote this November against Trump allies. All speakers delivered inspiring messages that brought forth hugh roars of approval from an appreciative crowd.

“There is no denying that the Trump Administration’s Muslim ban and anti-immigration policies are racist and xenophobic and it speaks to the deep cancer embedded in the very roots of our founding as a country,” said Marpheen Chann, a board member at the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center.

“There is no moral defense for what is happening at the Southern border.  There is no religious justification for the practice of separating families, and there certainly is no faithful reading of Scripture that justifies tearing toddlers away from their mothers arms or forcing black and brown children to lie on the floors of detention centers, or letting children cry themselves to sleep without the comforting touch of another human being,” Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill told the cheering crowd.

“The policies of the Trump administration are morally wrong.  This administration is making deliberate choices to make an already inhumane system even worse by implementing their ‘no zero tolerance’ policy,” he said.  Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill is a United Methodist minister and coordinator for MoralMovementMaine.

Portland City Councilor Pious Ali told the crowd who cheered in agreement:  “We need to do what we can to move him out of the country.  Suffering children is not a new thing in this country.  Slaves were separated from their parents.  This movement is not new,” he said.  Councilor Ali asked the willing crowd to give all it can until “we move that guy out of the highest office in the land.”  They promised to do that and nothing less.

“It was busy and I was happy to see how many showed up.  It was helpful to see so many people opposed to Trump and ICE.  I think ICE started getting out of control during the end of the Obama administration and is really out of control now,” said Adam & Veronica Lerner from Gorham following the event at the Press Hotel where they were cooling off from the heat at the protest.

The protest today at city hall was part of a national event “Families Belong Together” – with over 710 events in all 50 states.  Thanks to all those many groups who made this happen in Portland as well!