Third Lawsuit Filed Against Upright Properties in North Street Condo Dispute


Construction of a Six Unit, Four Story Condominium Began Months Ago Where  Rental Housing Once Stood.  It Was Allowed to Deteriorate Until it Became Ripe for Demolition by Josh Wijcik, d/b/a Upright Properties, LLC.

Last month a third lawsuit was filed against Upright Properties, LLC  in Superior Court on behalf of neighbors Steve and Ann Kremer.  The Kremers own the property located at 128F North Street – located in front of 128R where Upright is proceeding in the construction of a massive four story, six-unit condominium  approved by the Portland Planning Board last September.

The property  under construction at 128R has no street frontage and only permits foot traffic.  Joshua Wojcik, d/b/a Upright Properties, has been hustling to manipulate that outcome. In so doing, lawsuits against him state that he has blocked access to a maintenance easement needed by Munjoy Heights Condo Association to access its retaining wall should repairs be required to prevent damage to it and the condominium itself.  In the pleading filed by real estate attorney Thomas B. Federle, he asks for relief for his clients from Upright Properties and its “use of the right of way” in dispute.  With this lawsuit, three neighbors of the 128R  condominium construction have filed complaints against Upright Properties LLC and Joshua Wojcik.

Attorney Federle also represents neighbors Lindsay and Susan Mann in their lawsuit against the City of Portland for the decision made by the Portland Planning Board to approve this condo project – as well as against Josh Wijcik, condo developer.  In its 80B Court Appeal, attorney Federle is asking that the decision of the Portland Planning Board be reversed or “vacated.”

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