Teen Arrested (and Released) for Threatening Students at Casco Bay High School


A 17-year old male from Westbrook was taken into custody around 9:00 am this morning by the Westbrook Police Department and charged with Terrorizing for threatening messages he posed on a social media application that were directed toward students at Casco Bay High School. A realistic BB gun was seized during the arrest.

The reason for this threat is still being investigated, but the initial investigation points to a longstanding dispute between two different groups of individuals,that has been occurring outside of the school.  His threat was directed at about 20 students at Casco Bay High School and noticed at the end of the school day yesterday, November 19, 2019.

The police issued a juvenile summons and given conditions of release that will prohibit him from being on school department property.  He was released in the custody of his parents.

The Portland Public Schools Superintendent Bontano closed some schools today because of the threat by the Westbrook student.  However, Casco Bay High School and Portland Arts & Technology High School reopened today –  Thursday, November 21, 2019.