Strimling Receives More Than $42,000 Toward a Possible November Re-election Bid

Mayor Ethan Strimling At an outdoor Press Conference at City Hall Several Years Ago.

Mayor Ethan Strimling raised $42,311. in six weeks by more than 200 donators according to his December 31st finance report, which was filed with the Portland City Clerk yesterday. Approximately a quarter of the contributions came from Maine labor groups fighting for working people and another one quarter from working people and another one quarter from Maine small business owners who are the backbone of the economy. Additionally, members of the immigrant community contributed almost $1,000. in small donations. Other contributions came from all sectors including affordable housing developers, non-profit directors, educators, school board members, service workers and professionals in the city, according to a press released issued by the Mayor.

“I am humbled by the breadth of the support I’ve received for a potential re-election campaign. It seems clear that if I run for a second term, people are looking for a leader who will continue fighting for affordable housing, great schools, solar power, workers’ rights, expanded democracy and a strong economy. I will spend the next few months continuing to talk with voters to hear what they might be looking for in a second term as I make a final decision on whether to seek re-election.”

Mayor Strimling is the former executive director of LearningWorks and a former State Senator. He is in the fourth year of his first term as Mayor of Portland, Maine.