State Republicans Nag Governor & Offer No Solutions !


State House Representative Kathleen Dillingham (R) – Oxford, Chair of the State Oversight Committee.

“We are writing in hope of establishing a better line of communication between you, your administration and the state legislature,” is the first sentence of a verbose letter dated April 16, and addressed to Governor Janet T. Mills,  It recently became public.

The letter said the Republicans are concerned with the lack of information around some “very important policy decisions being made by the administration.  Unfortunately, we often find ourselves left out of decisions being made through public comment,” the letter continued.

A litany  of questions followed about the Department of Labor, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation, Department of Economic and the Community Development.  The Republicans wondered why golf courses aren’t open – (it’s too early for courses to be in playable condition) and hot tub installation is considered non-essential.

There was a plea for personal hygiene services for the elderly to be restored as well in this diatribe.   However, how does one maintain a 6 ft. distance when cutting hair, washing hair and giving manicures?   The letter complained that the Republicans often find out answers to their questions at the daily briefings run by Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the MaineCDC.  The letter charged the lack of communication “gives the perception that many important decisions..are being made without any input from all elected officials,” according to the letter.  To the more intelligent in the State, it suggests there are many considerations to be factored in when making decisions that are consistent with neighboring states – such as Vermont and  New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, the letter signed by a majority of Republicans in the state legislature did not offer any solutions to their contrived issues.

Nag, nag, nag – lead by the Head Nagger:  The Republican Press Herald.