Small Fire at Otto’s on East End Quickly Extinguished


Brittany Vieiro, Mark Greyson and His Sister, Ashley Greyson This Afternoon Near Otto’s.  (The First Two are in the Medical Field and Ashley is in Entertainment and All Live in Boston)

Two Firehats Given to Two Boys Eating at Otto’s With Their Families on Father’s Day.

A small fire in a brick wall in front of a stove in the back of Otto’s kitchen, 225 Congress Street on the Hill, caused a several hour interpretation in lunch service today.  Although guests were mostly unaware of the situation, they were asked to evacuate Otto’s as soon as the kitchen manager, Ian Holmes, saw the smoke coming from the wall.  He called 911 immediately.

Among guests asked to leave Otto’s were three visiting Portland from Boston for the weekend.   (See above left photo.)  The three had just sat down at a table and not yet ordered their pizza before they were asked to leave.  “We know how good Otto’s pizzas are because there is one in Cambridge,” said Mark.

Last August, another Otto’s Pizza at 576 Congress Street, also had a fire in the kitchen.  It was forced to close down for a while to make the necessary repairs.  That is not the case with the Munjoy Hill Otto’s.