“Senator Collins: We Are Coming for Your Senate Seat!”

“Senator Collins: We Are Coming for your Seat”

The declining approval rate of approval of Senator Susan Collins (R) in her home state of Maine has sparked speculation that perhaps she won’t run again for her long-held Senate seat in Washington, D.C. Many believe that because of her recent votes and inadequate repudiation of President Trump personally and his policies, she is vulnerable to defeat. However, she has recently squashed that speculation with statements to some press that she expects to run but will make her final decision at the time. Maine voters know all too well what that means – she’s running! The Senator just doesn’t want to give her many critics an opportunity to get ahead of her.

There is no lack of candidates wanting to take her on in the next election because of these vulnerabilities. Even her marketing firm, the “Maine Sunday Telegram” called her out today for her failure to criticize President Trump for causing the government shutdown. Trying to be “all things to all people” doesn’t work. Senators can’t have it both ways. No one can.

The following is a statement issued by Mainers for Accountable Leadership: “Unparalled grassroots mobilization against Senator Susan Collins (R) latest votes and declining approval ratings in Maine show that Senator Collins, if she really chooses to run for re-election, faces the race of her life. Mainers will not stop until she is defeated and we are represented by someone who is accountable to the people and represents our values. I’ve told you before, Senator Collins: We are coming for your Senate Seat,” wrote Marie Follayttar, Executive Director of Mainers for Accountable Leadership in a recent press release.

Mainers for Accountable Leadership PAC joined with Maine People’s Alliance and Be A Hero in an unprecedented campaign and raised $4 million in small donations to fund Senator Collins’ future opponent. It’s not “bribery” Senator, it’s politics. It’s called “save capitalism from democracy,” according to the book “Democracy in Chains,” by Nancy MacLean.

It should be remembered that Senator Collins was the primary advocate for former AG Jeff Sessions before a Senate committee for his confirmation to attorney general. She helped get him the nod for that position. She said the two were good friends! It should also be noted that it was Sessions’ idea that children be separated from their parents at the southern border to discourage immigrants from trying to enter this country.

The Maine Media Company’s infatuation with the Senator from Bangor is bizarre. The chain’s writers profile her so often as to be truly weird. But it does distract Maine voters from real issues. Those real issues include her vote in support of a tax plan that benefited corporations significantly, like the monster of a building under construction, WEX, on the Portland waterfront. Her vote in support of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and her denunciation of Kavanaugh’s accuser is not acceptable to Maine voters. In fact, her statement that the professor might have been assaulted by someone, but not Kavanaugh was one of the most absurd and insultating statements from any woman politician’s mouth in memory. A statement she cooked up with Kavanaugh since he repeated the same absurd statement. It’s an ignorant betrayal of women across this country, not just here in Maine. It’s well-documented that Kavanaugh chipped and chipped away at women’s legal right to abortion in his previous court room. The local media wants to assist voters in forgetting those votes. Don’t!

Last year Maine Media Today elected Senator Collins to be its “inaugural” person of the year for 2017. The reason given by columnist Bill Nemitz last year was that she would now have so much power to yield – is she using that power well, Bill? What happened to this year’s nominee for Person of 2018?

For more information on Mainers for Accountable Leadership, please email: mfalpac.gmail.com