Senator Collins Loses Maine Voters While Taking Trump HUSH Money


“Senator Collins: We Are Coming for your Seat, ‘ Says Marie Fallayttar, Co-Director of MFAL.

A Poster Urging Collins not to Support the Kavanaugh Appointment to the Supreme Court. Collins said she did not believe Christine while most everyone else did!

Senator Susan Collins (R) can no longer say it’s the political left that is against her according to Marie Fallaytarr, of Mainers for Accountable Leadership.

“Collins’ 41% polling numbers come as no surprise to us.  She makes time to meet and greet with mega and greet with mega MAGA donors from away: from New York City and Texas and when she comes home to Maine she refuses to face the people she represents in a town hall,” wrote Fallayttar, in a press release today, (MFAL).

“As this polling shows, Mainers feel betrayed by her votes against us and her inaction when it matters.  She can no longer say it’s the political left against her.  It’s the majority of Maine voters who are against her.  We are ready to hold her accountable at the ballot box,” wrote Fallayttar in the same press release today.

Collins has lost Maine voters  because of her support for the Trump Tax Plan, the Trump Health Care Plan and most importantly for her support of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court – someone who has spent his career on the bench chipping away at abortion rights prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court.   She is considered one of a few Republican Senators in the country vulnerable to a serious challenge by a Democrat in her next re-election bid in 2020 – largely because of her support for Kavanaugh.  That was the final straw! *

She also gets free advertising from the Portland Press Herald that chronicles her every shifty twist and turn – regardless of the insignificance  of the article content and her record of failing to represent the voters of Maine.

Collins’  refusal to stand up to the Imperial Trump on the impeachment issue shows that she is no Maine leader – something that Mainers rightfully expect from those who represent them. But most importantly to her, she would not have access to Trump’s donor money.  That’s called HUSH money –  SShh money – something Trump knows too much about.

Senator Margaret Chase Smith – where are you when we need a Maine leader?

  • According to Critical Insights on Maine Tracking Survey, a market research and public opinion policy report for the spring of 2019 – only 4 out of ten Mainers now approve of the way Senator Collins is handling her job as US Senator. In the fall of 2018 poll, that represented the first notable decline in her approval rating, was conducted immediately after her deciding vote in favor of Judge Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court.

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