Second Letter to Senator Collins Urging a NO Vote on Kavanaugh to Supreme Court


Senator Susan Collins (R) is a Disappointment to  the Women of Maine. Why is She Having Such Trouble Making a Decision on Kavanaugh?

“I signed this open letter to Senator Collins’ urging her not to support Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court because the persistent abuse and disrespect against women needs to change.  I want to support survivors of sexual assault first and foremost and and stand united with them as we ure Senator Collins to do the right thing and vote no emailed Professor Irina Popescu, in the Latin America Students Program at Bowdoin College, Brunswick.

As a professor, especially one teaching classes focusing on human rights, I have been embedded in the discourse of sexual trauma for some time.  I teach my students about the unfathomable abuses against women and have them read testimonies which speak to the trauma endured.  I teach my students about respect and understanding. I teach them about empathy and recognition.  In my teaching, research and own experiences, I will say that the sexual violence leaves a devastating chaos, which victims never recover from.

What has been exposed through the Kavanaugh hearings, is a patriarchy established on the lack of respect, empathy and recognition of women.  This is an epidemic – it has been one for some time.  We have had enough.  This epidemic has surfaced especially as we watched the Kavanaugh hearings and witnessed, and were disturbed by, his utter disrespect and lack of responsibility.

It’s time for Senator Collins to stand with the people of Maine and vote no.  Voting against Kavanaugh’s confirmation will be a step forward in ending the epidemic of abuse and disrespect many of us have endured our entire lives.  Voting no will also ensure that we preserve the sanctity of one of the most powerful positions in the country,” concluded Professor Irina Popescu, Bowdoin College, Brunswick.



Senator Collins:  “Just say No!”