Scuttlebutt on Munjoy Hill; Washington Avenue Block Party Tomorrow


100 Congress Street Sold to a Connecticut Company. Above is Tom Landry’s Real Estate Office Which Will Likely Relocate in the Fall.

100 Congress Street, on Munjoy HIll, has been sold to a Connecticut company, 100 Congress Street LLC.  The building is home to  Tom Landry’s real estate office and the Hilltop Coffee Shop.  The building formerly belonged to Stella Hernandez, co-owner with her husband. of Lolita, the nearby restaurant. to the Connecticut LLC.

The lease for Tom Landry’s real estate office will end in November of 2019 according to sources at his office.  Landry is looking around for possible places to relocate to if that becomes necessary.  It is not expected that the Hilltop Coffee Shop on the other side of the building, will be relocating.

In the meantime, Dale Rand Printing, at 104 Washington Avenue, has been purchased by Tom Landry – it;s a possible option for his new real estate office as well as  other properties he owns in the area.  Dale Rand Printing, is expected to move to Riverside Street next week. Dale Rand, company founder, lives on Munjoy Hill with his wife, Anne, a former state legislator.

For newbies to the area, 100 Congress Street, was formerly the home and studio of artist and activist Don Ogier, who still lives on Munjoy Hill.  It was called the “bunker” because it was made of concrete and had several peepholes for windows.  Ogier bought the property in 1984.  It was built in 1970 and became the Rainbow Beauty Salon.  Luke MacFayden, recently deceased,  the son of a well known New York City architect, and Jeremy House, his business partner bought it from Ogier.  The “bunker” was totally rehabbed and does not resemble its original form in the slightest.  It was MacFayden’s wish  that at least part of the building remain a coffee shop for the Hill always – which wish seems to be carried out by owners.  Stella Hernandez and her husband bought the property in 2007.  Please see post herein dated September 13, 2009 for more information.

REMINDER:  The third annual Washington Avenue Block Party is set for Saturday, June 8, 2019.  It runs from 11:00 am until sundown.  Lots of food, booze, music and mostly fun in the sun!  Then on Sunday you can enjoy the last Old Port Festival.  Enjoy them both.

Please see post herein dated May 27, 2019 for more background information on the 3rd Annual Washington Avenue Block Party.