‘Rising Tide’ Celebrates Tenth Anniversary With New IPA; TEN


Hayle Jandreau, Manager at ‘Rising Tide’ This Afternoon, 103 Fox Street.

TEN, the Newest IPA, in Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of ‘Rising Tide’, 103 Fox Street, Portland.

“We’ve been creative in celebrating our tenth anniversary during this pandemic,” said Haylee Jandreau, manager at ‘Rising Tide’ this afternoon.

For the past ten years, ‘Rising Tide’ has been providing great beers that have been enormously popular with the beer drinking public.  For this significant anniversary, the brewing company has come up with a new IPA called Ten.  It’s a ‘smooth and juicy IPA’ according to several who have enjoyed it already.  It’s currently on tap only at the 103 Fox Street location with canned TEN coming next week.  “TEN was not  ready for cans for this weekend,”  said Haylee.

The brewing company has teamed up with Fire and Company. a wood fueled pizza truck on site that is a permanent food service there.  It will be serving special foods for this weekend, including homemade pretzels and sausage subs.  There are five different pizzas, oysters on the half shell, beer cheese nachos, lobster rolls, rotating specials and much more permanently on the menu  to accompany your favorite beers at ‘Rising Tide’ available from Fire and Company. a catering business.

Although warmish temperatures are still with us, Heather Sanborn, founder of the brewing company, has been thinking forward to the long winter ahead and the uncertain future due to the pandemic. “We are investing in a lot of creative heating options through the fall and winter,” said Haylee.  She described them below.

Heating lamps will be used for starters.  But a more significant investment will take this brewing company through fall and the winter months.  Each table will get a contained heating unit of natural gas – like a bubble – that will provide a warm and cozy space for imbibers.  “We are taking inspiration from the Scandinavian countries who enjoy the outdoors year round.  The Quebec Winter Carnival was another inspiration,” said Haylee.The left half of the outdoor venue will contain fire pits and patio heaters to accommodate other patrons.

“We have taken a lot of steps to be sure our staff and community are as safe as possible. We don’t feel comfortable operating indoors heading into winter,” Haylee said.