“RISE” Climate Change Rally in Portland; September 8th


“TREAD” an Installation by Artist Andy Rosen, Shows the Challenges Faced by Wildlife During Climate Change.

The Cat Arriving in Portland Yesterday Afternoon. It is Believed That the Nova Scotia Will Remain Here One More Year Before Relocating to Bar Harbor.

Vote in November 2018 to Register Your Displeasure with the Direction of the Trump EPA on Climate Change.

The public is urged to participate in “RISE” on Saturday, September 8th at 11:30 am.  A climate mobilization event, participants will meet at Lincoln Park, Congress Street, Portland, march a short distance to Monument Square and end with a rally at city hall, Congress Street.

The brief march will include a jazz funeral dirge throughout downtown Portland followed by a jubliant rally with brief funeral orations for our threatened coastal way of life, more music, educational displays, and a voter registration table.

A “New York Times” article dated June 21, 2018 titled” Climate Change Brought a Lobster Boom.  Not it Could Cause a Bust” points out that Gulf of Maine waters are warming at a rapid speed pushing “lobster reproduction” toward Canadian waters and away from the Maine coast.  This shift requires fisherman to buy much more expensive boats to venture father off the Maine coast to find them.  This investment puts lobstermen in deep debt, with some wondering if they will be able to pay off these huge debts or if climate change will get them first.

The above left photo of two synthetic deer near Oceangate Way is a scary reminder of what wildlife faces with rising tides and other climate change issues facing us already.  The apoxy deer were created by artist Andy Rosen to illustrate the deer struggle with the rising of the tide currently.  On August 15, 2018, this blogger did a post about the project.  Joe Carter, Joe Carter Films, was present at the time and wondered aloud how these apoxy deer would withstand the tide in this location until the display comes down in several months.  It will be interesting to observe.

The Rally is being organized by 360 Maine, Portland Climate Action and the League of Women Voters among other non-profits.

Please visit herein post dated August 15, 2018 on “TREAD” the art installation by artist Andy Rosen.