Remembering the Unforgettable # 9 on Memorial Day 2020


Blain Alves, 16, Left a Legacy That’s an Inspiration for Many of his Peers.

Part of the Memorial to Blain Alves a Student  at Deering High School, Portland Who Lost his Life in a Tragic Accident on Peaks Island a Week Ago Today.

Ruthie Ham, a Senior at Deering High School (L) with Aalliyah Ferreira, (R), a Junior at Deering. Ham Will Attend USM in the Fall and Science is Her Field of Interest.

Part of a Memorial That Has Developed at Deering High School in Memory of Blain Alves Who Died a Week Ago Today.

Dimitri Bello, 16, and Galen Carey, 18, at the Memorial to Blain Alves Today.  They Played on Several Sports Teams with Blain; football and baseball.  Galen Stops by the Memorial at Least Once a Day.

Blain Alves, 16, died a week ago today in a tragic accident on Peaks Island that captured the hearts and minds of so many in the area.

Blain wasn’t a war hero whose lives are traditionally honored on Memorial Day. Rather, he was a junior at Deering High School, an outstanding athlete, a leader and a young man with a bright future ahead of him whatever path he’d have chosen for his own had his life not ended so soon.

Friends have made a heartfelt memorial to Blain on a fence behind Deering High school – composed of T-shirts, sports balls, flowers, photographs, candles and his favorite drink – a Blue Hawaii.

Blain’s friends began stopping by the memorial this morning and a steady stream of them continued to pay their respects to this promising life cut way too short.  Galen Carey and Dimitri Bellow were on several sports teams with Blain.  Galen, who grew up on Peaks Island with him, said that he was an exceptional running back on the Deering football team.  He suffered a pulled  ham string during an early game and had to withdraw for the season because of the injury.

“Blain was well-liked by everyone.  He was very outgoing, a good student and friendly,” said Galen. Dimitri played on the baseball team with Blain;  He was always on the varsity team from his freshman year forward.  Blain was a natural athlete.  (See below right photo).

Brian and his older sister, Madison, were inseparable said a woman who did not want to be identified.  But her daughter was a friend of Madison’s and they knew Blain well also.  He was “friendly, polite, and respectful,” said the woman as she stood at the memorial remembering Blain. “They went everywhere together,” she said. Madison is one year older and her plans include a degree in physical education at UM.  Blain was a role model for many.

Ruthie Ham, 17, is a friend of Madison, Blain’s older sister.  “Blain and Madison were best friends.  He was a sweet guy.  Everyone loved him.  He was kind and had such a bright smile,” said Ruthie.  “It’s still a shock.  He won’t be forgotten,” Ham promised.

Ham described a Vigil held on Friday evening behind the school.  Over 100 people stood and  surrounded the football field and held candles.  It was held at 9:00 pm and there were nine minutes of silence.  His football jersey, # 9, was retired and given to his family Ham said.  “I got a chance to hug his parents and Madison,” she said.  “Blain was definitely going places.  He was a leader,” Ham said, tears in her eyes.

Alliyah Ferreivra, a junior at Deering, was a close friend of Blain’s.  They shared a love of sports.  It’s a small school and so every one knew Blain, she said. Grappling with “why Blain” – why someone so young with so much potential – has been a challenge for his friends.  “I’ve decided to excel where I can.  I’ll try to do the best I can for Blain as he would have wanted.  No other community can do it like we can.  I know I’m not alone in my grieving,” she said fighting back tears.  (See above left photo).

Visiting hours will be held on Monday, June 1 from noon to 8:00 pm at the Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Home, 172 State Street, Portland.

Please visit post herein dated May 19, 2020 for more on this tragic accident.

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  1. No words are sufficient to encompass the true devastation, heartbroken emotions of losing a son, grandson, friend so young and in this way. My mind is consumed with thoughts and prayers for everyone whose life was touched by this wonderful young man…God Bless.

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