Remembering George W.H. Bush as a Kind, Gentle and Loving Man


A Wreath Placed in a Field Beside the Bush Estate in Kennebunkport by Local Officials Yesterday Morning.

A Campaign Button That is Part of a Large Collection at the Brick Store Museum, in Kennebunk.

The Christmas Tree and the American Flag at Half-Mast in Dock Square, Kennebunkport.  The Tree Remembers the Birth of a Son and the Flag at Half-Mast Waves Farewell to Another Son.

For this one day, and maybe only this one day,  this great nation of ours can experience once again some respect and dignity absent recently from the public discourse, as the nation bids farewell to the 41st president of the United States at the majestic National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.:  George H.W. Bush.

Not only was it a farewell to a successful president, but it was an emotional tribute to a man with qualities in  abundance to be emulated.  Attributes in a nation that many  seem to have lost in favor of the exact opposite – a lack of respect and dignity toward others.

As was pointed out several times today by different eulogist at the National Cathedral, the late President Bush suffered traumatic events in his life.  First, was his traumatic experience during World War 11 when his plane crashed into the ocean near Japan.  He waited and wondered, terrified,  who would get to him first.  The Japanese or the Americans.  We know the outcome.

The second was the devastating death of Robin, of cancer, at three years old.  President Trump learned early in life just how fragile life is – something that many don’t learn until much later in life.  He learned the hard lessons while he had years ahead to use what he knew.  Use your time on this earth the best you can.  He did as a public servant, family man and friend.  With dignity, respect and empathy.

Much has been made of the attendance of President Trump and the First Lady at the funeral this morning.  Was Trump snubbed?  He certainly was by the Clintons who never looked his way.  Who can blame them.

Perhaps though Trump heard something – one little tiny, something – from one of the four eloquent speakers that will jump-start his heart so the Scroogey Trump can incorporate into his  behavior and guide this nation back onto a “kinder and gentler” pathway.

The body of President George W. .H.  Bush and his family returned home to Texas from Washington, D.C.  President Trump and the First Lady returned to the White House with a very uncertain future.

Please see post herein dated December 1, 2018 for more information.