Racial Equity Steering Committee Seeks Written Public Comment Through March 15


Taylor Mello Holds a Sign at City Hall Protest Last Year.

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The Racial Equity Steering Committee (RESC) appointed by the city of Portland last year would like to learn about the public’s concerns, ideas and recommendations regarding how Portland addresses public safety and racial equity.  RESC has hosted two in-person public comment session to gather input, but recognizes that in-person public comment may not feel accessible to all people in the community.

Because the Committee would like to hear from a wide array of community members – not just those who can attend the scheduled public comment sessions – the Committee is inviting people to submit written public comments.  The Committee has designed a short form to give community members an easy way to share their perspectives.

For reference, the RESC issuing the following as its working definition of “public safety.”  Public safety is:  protecting the well-being of people of all races and ethnicities, communities and organizations; safeguarding people from crimes; disaster, and other potential dangers and threated and reducing fear; ensuring that all people get a fair and equitable chance to lead a high-quality of life that is not predicted by race.

Last September 9, 2020, 13 members for the Committee were announced.  I was in response to a resolution that the Council passed at its July 13, 2020 meeting.

City Councilor Pious Ali and Lelia Deandrade are co-chairs of the Committee.