Protestors at Bath Warship Launch to Call for Conversion to Climate Change Facility


Statewide peace groups will gather to protest the “christening” of a Zumalt class warship at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works shipyard Saturday, April 27. The ship will be named for President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), who was driven from office by anti-war protesters over his conduct of the Vietnam War.

“Our real security needs as a nation are to urgently address climate change and plan for sea level rise that the already underway. How will this affect BIW’s shipyard in Bath? Continuing to build expensive provocative and polluting weapon systems like Zumalt destroyers ignores climate change as the biggest threat to our collective safety,” wrote Bruce Gagnon. Brunswick. He has helped organize protests at BIW for the past several years. He was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.

“Making warships at BIW is not even a good jobs policy. Researchers have consistently found that investment of the same resources in sustainable energy solutions like commuter trains or wind turbines that produce many more jobs,” said Mary Beth Sullivan of PeaceWorks of greater Brunswick.

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