Pro-Trump Parade Turns Ugly When Protester Hit by Car in Street


The Lead Car in the :Short Pro-Trump Parade on Congress Street, Portland, Today, Just After Noon.

Yours Truly Wearing a “DUMP TRUMP” Face Mask at Pro-Trump Parade in Downtown Portland.

One of the Numerous Signs Delivering a Message of Peace by Protesters to Pro-Trump Supporters.

Protesters Line Congress Street Just After Noon Today.

Around 12:45 pm., the Portland Police Department received a call from one of the protesters at the well-publicized Pro-Trump Parade as it traveled along Congress Street.  Police answered a call from a protester who had been hit in the leg by a pro-Trump vehicle on Congress Street.

According to the police officer on duty, this call was the second received from the Pro-Trump Parade.  A 911 call was received from the area moments before.  However, the caller hung up before it could be answered appropriately according to the officer on site at the event.

About  seventy-five protesters lined Congress Street after noon as several Pro-Trump vehicles began its first of several trips down the Street. The number of protesters holding “Love Trumps Hate” signs and other messages outnumbered the pro-Trumpers in their heavily flagged vehicles.

The unidentified woman told following the incident that she and others stepped in front of the lead car as it reached the corner of Elm and Congress Streets. “I stepped out in front of the car to protect the more marginalized people,” she said.  Others who witnessed the incident said it appeared that the group of six or so were trying to block  the progress of the parade down Congress Street.  No arrest was made because the unidentified woman was told standing in the Street was criminal she said.

Other bystanders told that an occupant of one of the vehicles showed a revolver to the protesters standing in Monument Square.  The “kids” reacted – yelling and pulling flags off the truck.  They banged on the hood of the vehicle. That’s when the unidentified women got hit in the leg according to the bystanders.

The Pro-Trumpers made several trips down Congress Street with a parade of Anti-Trump protesters following closely behind in their cars – horns honking in support of the protesters at Monument Square.

“It is not unexpected that this incident occurred because of the nation-wide incidents of white supremeists using their vehicles as weapons,” said the unidentified woman.  She did not require medical attention for the leg injury.