Historic Designation for Munjoy Hill Presented Tomorrow; Shouldn’t be Mandatory

Some Forsithia Has Managed to Appear Despite the Cold Temperatures

A preliminary proposal to designate a portion of the Munjoy Hill neighborhood as a local historic district will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at the East End Community School, North Street, from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

The proposal is based on the findings of a detailed architectural survey/analysis of existing building stock that was conducted at the direction of the Portland City Council. Consideration of a potential Munjoy Hill Historic District is part of a broader initiative begin in 2017 to develop land use tools to more effectively manage existing and proposed development on Munjoy Hill. At the workshop, historic preservation, staff will present draft district boundaries for consideration and discuss how individual building classifications were assigned. The workshop is an opportunity for residents and property owners to learn more about this initiative.

note: This blogger believes the possibility of a historic district in this neighborhood or any neighborhood is an over reach of city government. Don’t property owners have rights in this regard – shouldn’t this be subject to some sort of a public vote? Or it needs to be part of a purchase agreement to a buyer so that person knows whether or not he/she wants to participate by purchasing the property. It should not be mandatory. It should be a matter of choice otherwise. It seems to be as just another way of city government forcing some people out of the area.