Portland Paddle Near East End Beach Expects Good Season


Adam Roland, Site Supervisor and Guide (L),  with Trevor Rafford, Shore Staff, Earlier This Week.

Tandem Kayaks are for Rent at Portland Paddle, Adjacent to East End Beach, Munjoy Hill.

Kayaks for Rent at Portland Paddle, Adjacent to East End Beach, Munjoy Hill.  There are Solo and Tandem Kayaks for Rent Here.

Exactly how this season will shake out is too early to predict, but people are definitely tired of being in lockdown.  So, they are looking for ways to get outside as much as possible during the summer weather, said Adam Roland, Site Supervisor and Guide for Portland Paddle earlier this week, adjacent to East End Beach.

The company founded seven years ago this month by Zack Anchors and a former business partner, determines as best it can whether kayak renters are capable of re-entering a capsized kayak before assigning them a craft.  That vetting is necessary if paddlers intend to go beyond the “designated shore zone area.” “We vet people as best we can – until we are confident they are capable of best practices on the waterfront.  We have a lot of boat traffic.  It’s both commercial and personal craft.  Conditions change rapidly and there are strong currents here,” said the articulate Roland.

If paddlers are staying within the “shore zone” designated by Portland Paddle, this skill vetting is not required. Because of the COVID-19 protections in place, Roland and staff are careful to implement and practice those restrictions themselves.

Roland, who is close to earning a degree in Business, said that the kayaks are made of plastic, not fiberglass. Fiberglass is too delicate for the heavy use these boats receive as rentals.  Designed by Boreal, they come from Montreal, Canada.  This year Portland Paddle has had some difficulty finding sufficient inventory because they are so much in demand this year.  “The supply chain has been disrupted this year,” said Roland, because of the pandemic and resulting issues.  Roland has had people call him to see if any of his kayaks are for sale.

Roland, who has worked at Portland Paddle for four summers, is also an avid skier.  He  hopes one day to use his business degree in pursuing a career in outdoor sports year round.

Please go to PortlandPaddle.net or call 207 – 370-9730 for details.

For more background information, please see post herein dated May 20, 2013.