Portland Expo Ready for First Vaccine Recipients Tomorrow


People Arriving at the Portland Expo for Their First COVID-19 Shot Will Enter These Doors.

A Sign of Thanks in Eight Different Languages on the Back Wall of the Expo.

Anaya, An Employee of Northern Light Mercy Hospital, Information Services Department, Works on the Computers, for Tomorrow’s Use.

An Observation Area is the Last Stop for Recipients of the First Dose of the Pfizer Vaccine. This Area Seats Eighty (80) People Spaced six Feet Apart.

Sixteen (16) Vaccination Stations Are Shown in this Photo.

City employees and Northern Light Mercy Hospital employees were putting the finishing touches this afternoon on the vaccination clinic that is scheduled to open tomorrow, Tuesday, March 2, at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm..

The first five hundred (500)  people who will be receiving their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine will enter through the Park Avenue front doors and proceed through a well-thought out maze that ends in a 15 minute observation area.

After entering the Expo, recipients will go to a row of computers where they will register.   That is also where the tracking of the vaccination will occur.

Next, recipients will proceed to a section where sixteen (16) vaccination stations have been set up for their initial dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  Only Pfizer doses will be administered this week according to Marc Gregoire, Facilities Manager, for Northern Light Mercy Hospital, who conducted a tour this afternoon for mhn.com at the Expo.

Recipients will then advance to a large observation section.  They will remain here to be monitored for any adverse reactions to the vaccine.  After a 15 minute waiting period, recipients will be free to leave the Expo.

All participants will be given a return date to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Five hundred (500) more people are scheduled to receive their COVID-19 vaccines on Thursday.  “We are starting to plan for next week,” said Mr. Gregoire.

Appointments are made on-line only and the clinic is not accepting walk-ins at this time.  Please go to covid.northernlighthealth.org to register.  Please visit post herein dated February 26, 2021 for more information.