Reminder: Planning Board to Consider Americold Cold Storage Facility Tonight

City’s Waterrfrpnt Coordinator Bill Needelman Has Been the Lead Proponent for the City’s Economic Development Office in This matter. !

Phin Sprague, Jr., Owner of a Nearby  Boat Yard Would Benefit from the Height Increase.

Jo Coyne, is Opposed to the Zoning Change Requested by the City of Portland.

Crunch Time is Here!

The planning board has scheduled a meeting to consider whether or not to give its approval to the construction of a 75″  cold storage facility on the western waterfront.  The meeting starts at 7:00 pm at city council chambers at city hall in downtown Portland.  There is a site walk of the property involved at 5:30 pm as well.  Meet at the Beach/West Commercial Crosswalk.

At issue is the request of the city’s Economic Development Office to allow a height increase for a cold storage facility to be built by Americold, a George-based company,   The company maintains that the current height limit does not make its construction a viable project.  In the past the planning board has asked Americold for justification as to why it needs to increase the building to 75 ft. Whether or not that question has been answered to the board’s satisfaction remains to be seen.

West Enders are not opposed to the facility itself, but rather that it will set a precedent for future building heights coming down the pipeline. Concern is that this massive building and others to follow will become a truck hub for commerce in the area. That includes the possible construction of a second building by Phin Sprague, Jr. who owns a boat yard next door, that would accommodate much larger boats than it currently does.  Sprague wants to service boats such as the ferry boats that run out of Casco Bay Ferries.

This has been one of the more controversial issues dogging Portland officials along with the recent elimination of Mayor Strimling’s assistant from the new budget, to come along.

For more information on the opponents view point, please email Jo Coyne at

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