Planning Board Staff to Decide on Hill Application for 2 Family Building; 71 St. Lawrence Street


The R6 lot at 71 St. Lawrence Street

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 319)

Property owners in the immediate vicinity of 71 St. Lawrence Street have been informed that a “minor site plan application” was filed with the city’s planning office on November 2, 2009.  The application is for a 2 family building in an empty lot between 77 & 68 St. Lawrence Street.  The application was filed by Mark Poirier who is an area builder.  He restored the 75 & 77 St. Lawrence Street property which abuts the empty lot.

Proposed plans for buildings with three or fewer family units in it need not go before the planning board itself, however the plans are public.  Said proposls are reviewed by the planning staff.  It could take up to three months for the staff to review this proposal, said city planner Shukria Wiar. Anyone interested may review the proposed plan at the city’s zoning office on the 4th floor of the city hall. 

The proposal calls for four floors with the top floor reserved for use as a deck and a kitchen.  The third floor will have bedrooms.  It has a fiber cement clapboard exterior.  The lot is zoned R6. 

Dennis Seine, who  rents directly across  St. Lawrence Street from the empty lot said this afternoon:  “I’ll miss the 3 large trees that will have to come down.  That’s been our view for the past 5 years.”