Photos of Maine Media Workshops’ Provost on Exhibit Until Saturday in Portland


An Admirer of One of Elizabeth Greenberg’s Twenty-one Photographs at the Maine Jewish Museum Pop-up Today.  (Photo by Nanci Kahn, Photography Curator, at the Museum.)

Maine Jewish Museum Pop-up Curator Nanci Kahn in Front of the Elizabeth Greenberg Exhibit.

If you enjoy photography, make a special effort to drop by the Maine Jewish Museum Pop-up, 67 Washington Avenue,  by Saturday afternoon, November 21, 2020 to  view the last day of the exhibit of Elizabeth Greenberg, Provost of Maine Media Workshops, Rockport. Twenty-one photographs of hers are on display until then.  The cost of each photograph is $750. Museum admission is free.

Greenberg is a natural born teacher.  Looking at her photographs at the Pop-up Museum is a learning opportunity – whatever your skill level may be.  She is the Provost of the highly regarded Maine Media Workshops, Rockport.  She also teaches there as well.

“With my camera, I explore as an archeologist of memories and myths.  I look for evidence of secrets, to tell stories of magic, mystery, love, loss and memories of things never seen.  My photographs suggest fictitious memories of moments and places as imagined, as if I am the first to discover them.  The images are of what is not there, but for me,” wrote Ms. Greenberg in her artist’s statement at the Museum.

“The beauty of Elizabeth’s photographs are the sense of mystery, the feeling of having been in a place before that you really haven’t been and a sense of magic and longing,” said Nanci Kahn, Museum Curator.

The Museum is open Tuesday – Friday from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm.  On Saturday, the Museum is open from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm.  It is closed on Sunday and Monday.  Masks are required for entry and you are asked to maintain 6 ft. distance from one another.