Pelosi Announces Start of Impeachment Inquiry of Trump


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) Announced a Formal Impeachment Inquiry Late Today.

Former VP Under President Obama Spoke Late This Afternoon.  His Family Was  the Target of Trump’s Investigation for Dirt from Ukraine.

Taken From the On-line –  “Americans Against Republicans”

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced moments ago that an impeachment inquiry into President Trump has begun today.

Although the long-time Congresswoman has been resistent to an impeachment inquiry in the past, Trump’s recent admission of  pressuring the Ukraine President to provide dirt on Vice President Joe Biden’s family – a possible political opponent in the upcoming election – in exchange for millions of already approved dollars of US funds – was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Pelosi.

Trump has admitted that he directed his Acting Chief of Staff to hold up distributing the allocated funds to Ukraine – about one week before Trump pressured Ukraine to find dirt about the Biden family – an act of extortion.

Pelosi, in her brief announcement, this afternoon said that Trump has breached his “constitutional responsibilities.”  Pelosi quoted Benjamin Franklin responding to  the question:  “is this is a republic or a monarchy?   A republic if you can keep it.” Pelosi responded:  “We need to keep it.”

Just prior to Pelosi’s announcement, Vice President Joe Biden spoke briefly at a press conference.  He accused Trump of “shredding the constitution.”  We know who Trump is.  Now we need to let the world know who we are,” he said.

All of his life, Trump has relied on someone to bail him out of his scandals.  His wealthy father bailed him out of his financial problems. He looked to Russia to help him win the 2016 election against Secretary Hillary Cinton.To date, the conservative  Republicans have covered up for him and remained complicity silent.  The whitewash by the Republicans who are intimidated by this bully has been comprehensive.

Meanwhile, Trump has called this just another witch hunt like the Russian probe. After that probe, he said there was no collusion with Russia. He’s singing a different song about Ukraine.

Will the Republicans continue to bail him out?  What about Senator Susan Collins?