Patriots Fans Stand Pat Behind Their Champs!

AFC Champs for 2015.

AFC Champs for 2015.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,286)

BallGate, DeflateGate, BradyGate. BillGate– whatever you call it – the controversy over the deflated balls used by the Patriots in their AFC championship game have not affected sales at Olympia Sports said Jess Truman, an assistant manager at the sports mecca at the Maine Mall this afternoon.  And that’s just one agonizing week as fans begin the countdown to the Super Bowl showdown against Seattle on Sunday, February 1.

“Do you have any of those deflated footballs for sale here?”  “When will you have T-shirts that say “cheaters?”  Those are some of the funny comments of customers we’ve heard in the last few days said Truman this afternoon.  Most of their customers are Patriots fans so there has been a lot of joking going on here Truman said.  Most customers  are laughing the matter off and buying mementos of the Patriots.

“This is absolutely stupid.  It’s a joke.  I’m not worried anymore about it. There’s no story here.  Period,” said Dan Bridgman who was shopping for mementos with his wife, Linda and 13-month old son, Ezra.  (Hey Guys, I didn’t get your email with your photo. Can you send it again?) Meanwhile shirts for “Gronk” and Edelman were popular choices by fans of the Champions this afternoon. Two heroes of the recent great season that brought the Patriots to the 49th Super Bowl. Two brothers from Sebago said:  “The Patriots will be motivated and overcome the controversy,” They predicted the Patriots will win by 3l – 13 over the Seattle Seahawks. “The Patriots will deflate Seattle.”

“I don’t believe that Bill Belilchick or Tom Brady would want to win by cheating.  They want to win against the best team possible,” said Gail Davis at Olympia.  Gail is married to Brian, a former resident of Munjoy Hill. He’s the son of the deceased John Davis, once Deputy Chief of Police for Portland. Gail is from Island Falls, ME.  They are retired in South Carolina.

“They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us!”

editor’s note:  For those several interested, I did locate my camera at home!  However, I did not yet receive the photo from the Auburn couple that I took with their cell phone!