Many Express Priorities for Commercial Street Last Night


Last night more than 100 people attended a forum about their concerns  on Commercial Street and how they may be addressed in the future.   Traffic, parking and access to the waterfront were among the top concerns reported.  The two hour meeting was facilitated by WSP, Boston, at the Rines Auditorium of the Portland Public Library.

Initially, a representative from WSP asked the participants to respond to the question:  What is the number one issue you want us to address?  Traffic, parking and access to the waterfront were the most commonly mentioned issues from the public.  Furthermore, someone suggested that the Comprehensive Plan be followed, that the buildings on Commercial Street are too large,  that the number of passenger cars on the busy street be reduced and that there are too many hotels on the Street.

A representative from WSP explained initially that the study on Commercial Street began at the end of the summer.  The consultants have been collecting data since then to determine the vision for the corridor.  Following the current meeting, they will begin to analyze the results.  Then in mid-February, there will be another public meeting to report back what was learned from this meeting.

The city of Portland has announced that the total cost of the Commercial Street Operations and Master Plan is $133,500.  The funds are from various sources including $40,000. from 383 Commercial Street/Rufus Deering development per a planning board condition of approval.  

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  1. Does anyone know that Metro has on order electric buses that were shown earlier this year? Metro is going to apply funds to purchase these buses to run commercial street in a loop, so some relief will come when, I don’t know the exact date…something to check into….

      • He is the grant from Pingree Announces $2.29 Million for Electric Buses in Southern Maine

        Aug 21, 2018
        | Press Release

        Congresswoman Chellie Pingree announced today that the Maine Department of Transportation would receive $2.29 million in federal funding to help purchase electric buses to service the Greater Portland area.

        “In Southern Maine, more and more people are using public transportation to get around, which already has a positive impact of taking vehicles off the road and reducing emissions. This grant will reduce those emissions even further by helping local transit providers begin transitioning their fleets to electric buses,” said Pingree. “These buses run smoothly, silently, and without exhaust. It will be exciting to see them on the road and I think they will get even more Mainers interested in riding the bus. My congratulations to the Maine Department of Transportation and local partners on the success of this collaborative proposal.”

        The Maine Department of Transportation worked with the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS), Greater Portland Metro, and Biddeford-Saco-Old Orchard Beach Shuttlebus Zoom to submit the proposal to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Low Or No Emission Discretionary Grant Program. Pingree wrote a letter of support for the application.

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