Old Port Rumor Mill !

Owner of the Popular the Paper Patch Dressed for the Holidays!

It is known that Josh Miranda, owner of Blyth & Burrows, the popular and high end bar in the Old Port, has been looking for a second bar in the area in which to begin another start-up. One source familiar with the situation in the Old Port today said he has found another location, but it has not been announced yet.

The owner of The Paper Patch, alleged to be the oldest business in the Old Port, said this afternoon that he will not be selling his business and will renew his lease. Previously, the business, the stock and the good lease had been for sale. But there were precious few interested – possibly because no one wanted to buy the stock. Owner Rob said he did not want to be responsible for shutting down this long-time card shop in the Old Port Tom Chappel, owner of Wrambler’s Way, was interested in The Paper Patch space and lease, but did not want to buy The Patch stock. Chappel was also interested in the space occupied by Sherman’s Book Store on Exchange Street. That fell through as well at the very last minute last year. Rather, Wrambler’s Way ended up on Middle Street in the Old Port.

Tom and Kate Chappel were the founders of Tom’s of Maine. Tom’s was bought out by Colgate-Palmolive Co. in 2006 for a “pretty penny.”

Who Knew?