55 – 59 St. Lawrence Street Applies to Convert to Double its Current # of “Apartments”

57-59 St. Lawrence Street Expected to Double in # of Apartments in Redevelopment Plans.

Greg Shinberg, Owner’s Representative, filed an application on February 16, 2019 to convert 55 – 59 St. Lawrence Street, on Munjoy HIll, into a much larger apartment building, the city’s planning office announced this morning.

Shinberg’s proposal is to renovate the existing 7-unit apartment building and add 8 more apartments adjacent to the current building – plus one stand-alone townhouse style apartment for a total of 16 apartments with 18 parking spaces. There is a large parking lot. There is also a large grassy backyard which would be lost to the renovation. Neighbors in the past have indicated their frustration at the loss of that grassy area behind the building. Shinberg is d/b/a St. Lawrence Development, LLC.

Please see post dated September 27, 2018 for more background information on the matter.