Office of Elder Affairs Opens Temporary Shopping Service for Elders


The Valentine Bandit “Struck” Northern Light Mercy Hospital Today in Appreciation for Medical Professionals During this Pandemic. (Photo by Ed Gilman).

Another Message of Thanks Outside the State Theater on Congress Street, Portland.

Effective today, Monday, April 20, Portland’s office of Elder Affairs has created a temporary volunteer program to provide grocery shopping and food delivery to elderly Portland residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program is intended to help people aged 65 or older that live alone or with an elderly spouse, and do not have famkly members or friends able to get groceries for them.  Priority will be given to the most vulnerable senior citizens who have limited support in the community and are unable to get their own food safely due to the cornavirus outbreak.

There has been a tremendous community response since volunteer recruitment efforts began late last week.  The Office of Elder Affairs is processing volunteer applications and screening 60 community volunteers who will be available to help Portland seniors get the food and supplies they need throughout the coming weeks or months.  No additional volunteer applications are being accepted at this time, but names are being recorded for future needs, depending on how long the pandemic continues.  Volunteers are expected to begin actively serving community members today, Monday April 20th.

For more information, contact Linda Weare, Director, Portland’s Office of Elder Affairs at 207 – 541-6620 or email her at: