OccupyMaine to File Lawsuit Against City ON 12/19; Four Plaintiffs in Case


Frederick Deese Hamilton, One of the Four Plaintiffs in the Case.

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,044)

Early yesterday afternoon police offcers were in Lincoln Park distributing plastic covered notices to campers in the Park advising them to remove structures and belongings and “to remain out of the Park” between 10:00 pm and 6:30 pm., unless a lawsuit is filed by them by 12/19. The notice was signed by Mark H. Rees, city manager and dated December 15th.

John Branson, pro bono attorney for OccupyMaine was out of the office yesterday. However, according to a press release from city spokesperson Nicole Clegg, the city has received assurances that the lawsuit will be filed prior to the December 19th deadline.

Meanwhile, mhn.com has learned there are four plaintiffs in the case against the city; two men and two women.

editor’s note: mhn.com apologies for being so slow with this information! Due to an electrical problem, mhn.com has been off-line for over 24 hours, but now appears to be okay!