MOCEAN Nipped in the Bud on September First Friday Art Walk


Max, An Employee at MOCEAN, 10 Exchange Street, Portland. The company sells surf and skateboarding equipment.

One of the Cruise Ships Coming from Portland Harbor Where it Took Shelter from Hurricane Dorian – Passing Two Lights Park, Park on Cape Elizabeth.

Surf off  Two Lights Park on Cape Elizabeth Was Magnificant. It Swarmed With Photographers and Onlookers Enjoying the Surf from  Hurricane Dorian.

MOCEAN, (pronounced motion), just wanted to liven up Exchange Street, draw attention to skateboarding and its art gallery on the second floor of Ten Exchange Street Max told city officials Friday late in the day – it also happened to be September’s First Friday Art Walk .

City officials learned earlier in the day that the Old Orchard based company expected about 15 – 20 skateboarders around 6:00 pm to perform tricks  and demonstrations on Exchange Street.  The group had also ordered a launch pad to be placed on the cobblestone in the middle of Exchange Street for the skateboarders to perform their tricks from.

The problem was that a city permit is required to shutdown a city street and MOCEAN had not gone through that process.  Max, told two city officials that the event would not shut down Exchange Street, but they disagreed with him.  Max was told the event could not go forward without a permit and he said he would report that to others at MOCEAN.

Last month, for the First Friday Art Walk, MOCEAN, carried out a scaled-back version of the event.  Skateboarders zipped down Exchange Street, blocking cars from using the Street with  consistency according to witnesses.  MOCEAN did not apply for a permit either for that event.

A company representative did talk to a city official, however, following the August First Friday Art Walk demonstration.