New Numbers Reported by Dr. Shah, MaineCDC


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Dr. Nirav Shah, of Maine CDC, announced this morning that over the weekend 275 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed – that is 22 new cases since yesterday.  Forty-one of those have recovered and released from isolation.  Forty-nine of them were hospitalized.  Forty-three of those confirmed cases were health care workers.

An additional two people died over the weekend, bringing the total number of deceased up to three as of today.

Dr. Shah also reported that a new county in Maine, Somerset, has been reported of being a site where at least one confirmed case has been reported.  The average age of those confirmed cases is 55 years old.  Ocean View, a retirement community in Falmouth, has reported six confirmed cases of the COVID-19.    Dr. Shah said that “congregate” housing such as Ocean View are particular targets for the virus.  That’s because where people live in close quarters, the virus can spread quickly Dr. Shah said.  If one of these congregate housing facilities is identified, there is a process that the Maine CDC follows.  That includes investigating the congregate,letting all of the residents and staff know as well as informing a family member of the situation.  Sometimes the design of the facility is a contributing factor to spreading the virus.

By this evening the state will receive its third shipment of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).  Dr. Shah said this may be the last shipment that Maine receives for “some time”, although we hope not.  At the same time, we are seeking other avenues for supplies.  We received a paltry amount compared to what we need.”  Dr. Shah went on to thank the front-line health care providers for their commitment while putting themselves at risk.

“In Maine there is still a viable chance of preventing a worst case scenario of this pandemic,” Dr. Shah said.