New Comer to Presidential Politics Motivated by Dislike of Trump


Page Nichols (L) With Her Cove Street Neighbor Francis Gordon, (R).  Both of Them  Strongly Oppose Super Spreader Trumpy.

Flash’s Home on Cove Street With Pro-Biden , Anti-Trump PR Mounted on the Front Facade.

“I’ve never been this involved in a presidential campaign, but I can’t stand Trump,” said Francis (Flash) Gordon, this afternoon at his Cove Street home on the east end of Portland.  “The first time I saw him at a debate, I laughed.  I couldn’t believe he was a candidate back in 2016.”

Anyone who has driven along Washington Avenue recently has seen the pro-Democratic banners covering the front facade of his Cove Street home.  They stand out. About a month ago Flash ordered $30. worth of banners from Amazon.  He was able to mount three of the banners, but his ladder was not long enough to permit him to mount the other two.

“A lot of people honk and shout ‘GO BIDEN’ when they drive past Cove Street,” said Flash’s neighbor Page Nichols.  (See above left photo).

“Everything Trump says is trash.  I cringe whenever he talks or opens his mouth,” Flash continued. He hopes that Sara Gideon will win her challenge over Senator Susan Collins (R) who is running scared in her re-election bid.  In fact, so scared that she has recently turned to Bill Green, a retired sports reporter for the local NBC affiliate, to boost her image.  She’s a dog lover.  The ad is getting wide viewing and that is an unfortunate embarrassment  for Green.  He should stick with sports and the outdoors. Green should avoid politics – a subject in which he is not knowledgeable .

Washington Avenue is a prime location for development in Portland.  His Cove Street home has been in the Gordon family since 1929.  Since that time the value of his property has grown amazingly.  Flash says that he hears weekly from real estate developers wanting to purchase his property.  One of those real estate developers is Tom Landry.  “I’m not ready to sell yet,” said Flash grinning.  “Not yet.”

“Just in the last four years I’ve gotten to like politics and discovered that I can make a difference.  I urge everyone to vote on November 3, 2020, if not before, for the Biden-Harris team.”