Negotiations Still Ongoing for Closed Old Port Restaurant


This Closed Restaurant on Dana Street is For Sale by Word of Mouth Only.

It’s on.  It’s off.   It’s changing!

Last week Josh Miranda told folks that the deal between him and the owners of Vignola was off and he was looking around for a new venue to purchase for a second  bar in the Old Port.  He currently owns the expensive Blythe & Burrows, Exchange Street, where Joe Soley is his landlord. (Soley is a former business partner of the long deceased Vice President Spiro Agnew).

It’s hard to keep track where negotiations are at any given second, but as of late this afternoon negotiations between Josh Miranda and the real estate company representing Vignola are on again. That’s because the two were spotted chatting together on Wharf Street – this afternoon.

One source who did not want to be identified, but has an office in one of the upper floors of the building said Josh originally wanted to buy the entire first floor of the building from the owners  Dr. Michelle Carey, and her husband who is also a medical doctor.  Association in the building decided to exercise its option to purchase the back portion of the first floor.  It’s either in the works or will be the source told this afternoon.

“I’m just a poor boy from Munjoy Hill  trying to make a living,” Miranda told in a telephone conversation this afternoon.

It’s changing and will continue to ad naseum!