Muslims March to Celebrate the Life of a Revered Leader


Muhammed Alramm Ati (L) with Muntodhir Alyasri, at Monument Square Today.

A Muslim Flag Flown at Monument Square Today.

About 50 Muslims celebrated the life and legacy of Iman  Hussein this afternoon with an annual march in downtown Portland.  The march began at Monument Square, proceeded down Congress Street and then returned to Monument Square.  There a buffet was offered to marchers and anyone in the public who attended the event

Hussein is revered today because he stood up to abuses of other Muslims.  Facing certain death, he left his hometown with his family and supporters for Mecca – with the hope that his life would be spared.  But, his life was not spared  Every fall followers of his celebrate his life and legacy publicly.

Muntodhir Alyasri, originally from Nasria, Iraq, has been in this country since 2012 and has become an American – he looks forward to voting next month.  As a 7 year old child, his family moved to Syria.  Then in 2012, he moved to Biddeford – a day he will never forget.  It snowed hard that day.

Muhammed Alrhmm Ati is also from Iraq.  He and his family moved to Syria as well when he was a child.  The two knew each other when they lived in Syria.  But then the two lost track of each other because Ati moved to Turkey where he lived for three years.  Following that experience, he moved to the United States and Biddeford as well.  That’s where the two long lost friends were reunited after being separated for years  (See above left photo of the pair).

“I don’t have problems here because I live pretty much like an American because I am an American,” said Alyasri.  “Some people are afraid of Muslims.  They see a terrorist.  But real Muslims are not terrorist,” he said in excellent English.