Mount Desserts Pie Company Coming to 7 Exchange Street Soon


Mount Desserts Pie Co., 7 Exchange Street, in Old Port of Portland.

Piper, Dressed as a Flower Girl, was Strutting Her Best at the East End Vend Halloween Edition, 200 Anderson Street, Today. She Lives on Munjoy Hill and is an Australian Shepard Mix.

Dressed for Halloween and Seen on Exchange Street Today were Major , a Spaniel, Dressed as an Angel and Cookie, a Pit Bull Carrying Sushi in Her Back Pack. Both Pooches are From Falmouth and Were Enjoying an Unusually  Pleasant Halloween Day.

The aroma of homemade pies baking in the new oven at Mount Desserts Pie Company made it hard to leave 7 Exchange Street this afternoon.  But since the new pie bakery business is not yet open, had no choice – but to wait for its opening day.

Two sisters, Hannah Babcock and Brit Babcock are the entrepreneurs behind this new business.  The two started their pie business in Bar Harbor this summer and they could not keep up with the demand.  T

The current menu will include  9-inch pies made from mixed berries, strawberries, wild Maine blueberries and apples.  The cost will be $25.00 plus tax.  Smaller, hand pies will be available for about $4.95 and $7.95.  Prices could vary.  Coffee and drinks will be available. No indoor seating will be available for the duration of the pandemic.

The Pie Co. is occupying the space formerly occupied by Holy Donuts.  The sisters have assumed  four months left on the lease of the potato donut business.  The Pie Co. is waiting for the build out to be completed at its permanent location at the corner of Wharf and Union Streets.  Despite very long lines waiting to get into the potato donut venue during the ban of vehicles on Exchange Street, representatives of Holy Donut publicly blamed the ban for hurting business so badly, it was forced to shut down. The controversial Joe Soley is the landlord of the 7 Exchange Street location.

Closed to vehicular traffic earlier this year, Exchange Street is scheduled to be reopened to vehicular traffic on Monday, November 2nd.  That’s the day that indoor bars are scheduled to reopen as well.

For more background information on the ban of vehicular traffic, please see posts dated July 20, and August 11, 2020 herein.