Monument Square Rally Opposed to Trump Tomorrow; Public Invited !


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,674)

The public is invited to attend a rally in opposition to the candidacy of Donald Trump for President is planned for Thursday, August 4th at 2:00 pm at Monument Square, Portland. Everyone is invited to join and bear silent witness that Donald Trump’s values are not the values of the people of Maine according to a statement in today’s “Portland Press Herald.”

The statement goes on to say that Trump’s comments are “careless and reflect his dishonesty, his lack of self-control and good judgment, his mean-spiritedness, his ignorance of world affairs, his lack of respect for women and minority groups, and his lack of common decency…….Donald Trump is unfit and unquaified to be the President of this great country.”

Trump is scheduled to be in Portland earlier in the day for a rally at Merrill Auditorium at City Hall.

The statement in the “PPH” was paid for by an Ad Hoc Committee to Say NO to Donald Trump.