Missing Munjoy Hill Cat Found!


Missing Moquito is Back Home!

Borrowed From “Americans Against Republicans” On-line. Check it out for a few laughs or tears.

Moquito, an eight year old indoor cat that had been missing from home, is back as of this past Saturday morning.  Numerous paper posters stapled to trees and poles all over North Street on Munjoy HIll alerted the public to stay on the lookout for this missing feline.

Described as a “loving 17-pound scaredy cat” he was found in the North Street area at 1:00 am on Saturday morning.  Mokeetoh was eating cat food in a yard where stray cats are fed consistently.  A call to Crystal Cronm, his owner, who identified the family cat ended the almost week long search for him..  He eluded a trap placed by the Maine Lost Cat Recovery program in favor of some back yard feeding.

He escaped out a first floor window when it was opened during a break in of the apartment according to Cron.  There was no screen on the window so it was never opened.  The family dog, who is very protective, may have barked intensely at the intruder – scaring him/her away.

Welcome home Moquito – where you belong!