Many Winners at 3rd Annual Maine Flower Show, Thompson’s Point

Some of the Flowers Planted by the Constant Gardener that Won the People’s Choice Award Late This Afternoon. At the Right is the Side of the Wooden Greenhouse That was Part of the Display Garden.

The public is always curious which display in the annual Maine Flower Show at Thompson’s Point, won The People’s Choice – the only one where the public gets to choose its ballot over the entire show. “The Great Escape” took the people’s favorite. It consists of a wooden greenhouse by Pleasant Hill and the gorgeous flower gardens were by the Constant Gardner. The exhibit took several other awards as well. Impressive for the first year the team has entered the Show. For a look at the greenhouse, please go back to the post herein dated March 25, 2019 for a look at it. It’s cost is $13,500.00 without glass installed.

The Majestic Weeping Alaskan Cedar at O’Donal’s Nursery Exhibit. It Was Located in One of the Large White Tents Erected by Wallace Events.

O’Donal’s Nursery, won the most awards in the Show – four at last count. It won the Native Award, Designer’s Task Award, Theme Award and the Woody Ornamental Award. In the center of the garden sat a majestic Weeping Alaskan Cedar. The oohs and aahs were audible as the Cedar was brought in sidewards in a forklift. According to Amanda Monaco Sturgis, Garden Designer, for O’Donal’s in Gorham, it came from the Angelica Nursery in California. She added that there might be a buyer for the stunner at the show. 207 – 839-04038

Chad Skillin, Skillins, Whose Exhibit with Pray Hardscapes, Won the Coveted Best in Show for Pamola’s Place.

And of course, Skillilns with nurseries in Falmouth and Cumberland Center. Skillins teamed up with Pray Hardscapes, Falmouth, to create this winner above. These pros took the coveted Best in Show Award and two other awards – The Prennerial Award and the Natural Stone Award as well. Chad Skillins, shown in the above photo, said it was his great great grandfather who founded the company. Now there are ten (10) Skillins who work at the Nursery. The exhibit is named Pamola’s Place and has an interesting background which can be read in the book “Chimney Pond Tales” where Chad discovered it. Briefly, the Penobscot Indians believed that at the top of Mount Katahdin, an evil spirit resided in a stone hut. It was rumored that if anyone went to the top of the mountain, he would be devoured by Pamola – that is until it was proven otherwise.

The 3rd Annual Maine Flower Show ended today Sunday, March 31, 2019. Maybe next year?