Major Waterfront Proposed Development on Planning Board Agenda

A Rendering of Proposed Development at 184 Commercial Street on the  Portland Waterfront. Architect is David Lloyd.

The Parking Lot at 184 Commercial Street That May be Developed if a Zoning Change is Approved.

The public is invited to attend two Planning Board workshops on Thursday, June 22nd at 4:30 pm at City Hall, Portland.  Public comment will be taken at both workshops.

The first item on the Board’s workshop is an application for a conditional rezoning of 184 Commercial Street, on the Portland waterfront.   The proposal is for a mixed use development; including a water taxi dispatch center, office space, retail space, restaurant, 93-room hotel and parking structure.  The development will happen in two phases.

The sought after zoning change includes hotel use, building height, setback modification from the high tide line and to establish the marine infrastructure investment.  The application was filed by developer David Bateman, of Fisherman’s Wharf Development.  The proposed development would be located primarily on an “under utilized”  parking lot.  The space on which the popular Portland Lobster Co., would be part of the redevelopment requiring the restaurant to be torn down eventually.

Developer Bateman famously redeveloped Fort McKinley into the Inn at Diamond Cove.

Plans are available for viewing at the planning division, 4th floor, city hall.  For more information, please contact  Christine Grimando, senior planner, at 207 – 874-8608 or email her at:  Please see post herein dated May 8, 2017 for more background information.

The second item on the same workshop agenda is for a proposed 3 unit rental building at 88 Walnut Street, near Sheridan Street, on Munjoy Hill and across from Munjoy Heights.  The application was filed by Jake Edwards, of JP Sheridan LLC.

For more information, please contact Shukia Wiar, at 207 – 756-8082 or email her at:  Please see post dated May 25, 2017 herein for more background information on the project.

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