Maine to Utilize “Alternate Care” Modules Says Dr. Shah; More Face Mask Fashions


Dr. NIrav Shah, (L) at the Maine CDC Briefing That Lasted 45 Minutes This Morning.

Jacqui is Using a Colorful Scarf as a Face Mask until She Gets a Replacement Mask.

This Gentleman’s Cloth Face Mask Was Made by His Wife from Material Leftover  From Another Sewing Project.

This Couple Models Cloth Face Masks Made from Old Curtains Today While Shopping Locally.

Maine will soon be utilizing “alternate care” modules said “Dr. Nirav Shan, Director of Maine’s CDC, in different areas of the state.  There will be one somewhere in southern Maine and elsewhere in the state.  These modules contain 50 stations with a cot and other pieces of medical equipment; to care for individuals responded Dr. Shah upon questioning by the press.  Details will be forthcoming  as soon as they are available.

Dr. Shah announced that there are no new deaths – the total remains at 10.  However, there are 499 confirmed cases of the dreaded COVID-19 – an increase of 29 new cases.

Dr. Shah said that Maine is drawing PPE from a variety of manufacturers – some in Maine and others.  “There is no single source,” he said.  As far as he is aware the “integrity” of the PPE received from the Federal stockpile was satisfactory according to Dr. Shah despite reports to the contrary that some of the equipment was not usable because it was rotten, etc.

Although “congregate” housing such as nursing homes are considered to be an incubator for spreading the COVID-19, Dr. Shah had no data to confirm or deny the number of deaths that have occured by congregate housing residents.  For privacy reasons, he was not sure that information could be released anyway.

Dr. Shah said that he remains in contact with Portland city officlals to be sure it has all it needs to support the homeless community during this pandemic.  Three residents of the Oxford Street Shelter have been confirmed with COVID-19. That necessitated the opening of the USM, Portland, Sullivan Gym last week to house healthy, homeless clients.

Cloth face masks are “cloth barriers” and are not designed to protect you, but to protect others Dr. Shah said referring to the recent recommendation of the CDC to volunteer to wear face masks.  They are useful for group settings – such as grocery shopping.

“I don’t know,” the doctor said in response to one question from the press. “Those are the three hardest words for a scientist.”